SmartShield Continious Spray SPF 30 Sunscreen: "When I used this product, I was astounded! I not only did not get any sunburns when using it, but it did not leave a thick sticky residue like other sunscreen products. It left my skin feeling smooth and moisturized. I will definitely use this product every time I go outside! This is a sun protectant that is must needed for all"! - Tiffany Reviews

SmartShield Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30:  "Black people need sunscreen too, I don’t get why people believe different….The sun does not discriminate, it doesn’t see if you are a fairer tone or of a darker tone. Anyone can suffer the harmful effects of sun exposure, no matter their complexion, it’s true that those with darker complexions don’t have to worry as much about sunburn as someone with very fair skin, since he/she has more melanin in their skin for natural protection BUT the extra melanin doesn’t guard against the UV damage that accelerates aging and other effects of sun damage, including wrinkles, age spots, and skin cancer." - Fashion Engineer

SmartShield Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30:  "It doesn’t leave that greasy film on your hands after you’ve spread it on your skin. In fact, SmartShield lives up to another claim that the lotion gets absorbed almost immediately. There’s almost no residue on your skin after you’ve put it on. I brought my bottle to my son’s T-ball practice the other day and gave some to one of the other moms there. She doesn’t like traditional sunscreen because of the greasy residue. But she didn’t mind SmartShield at all". - Journal of an angler

SmartShield Sefl Tanner:  "I have been using self tanning products for many years in order to avoid the harmful effects of the sun.  I would rank this among the top for natural color, ease of application and the feel of it on your skin.  It is not oily and absorbs pretty quickly and even looks natural on your face.  Overall a great product that will give you a reliable and natural looking tan"! - Mommy PR

SmartShield Sunscreen SPF 30:  One of the first things I noticed was that this didn’t have that overpowering sunscreen smell. While I love the smell of coconut, sometimes I need sun protection that doesn’t smell like the beach. As a working professional, I attend a number of conventions in warm, sunny climates. I need sunscreen, and want to smell like my chosen fragrance! - All a Bunch of Momsense


"The towelettes are a God-send with small kids and I don't get messy either." ~ Mother of 14-month old

"The fish can't tell I'm wearing SmartShield and that's good. I got a lot of good years ahead of me, and I haven't seen all of the lake." ~ Fishing Enthusiast

"We teach a sun-safe mentality as part of every lesson. SmartShield is standard equipment." ~ Tennis Instructor

"The dispenser is great in the hot Texas sun. I leave mine in the car and it's ready when I am. No more mosquitoes!" ~ Texas Mom

"It was like a miracle, seriously. I had contemplated packing up & leaving the campground the gnats were so bad. In your eyes and nose, everywhere. Just miserable. Until my niece gave me a few pumps from her sample bottle. I've been using Smartshield for a year now and I tell everyone, that will listen. Never used anything as good, before or since." ~ Kathryn Smith of Nanty Glo, PA

"The help and advice from the SmartShield staff was outstanding and to find that not only are their products for adults and children, but that they are scientifically tested with the angler in mind!" ~ Alaskan Angeler

I was fascinated to discover that fishermen had reported their live bait, was dying from handling. It was directly traced to the skin care products they were using which contained harmful additives. That got me thinking that if they harm live fish, what damage might it be doing to my skin also? So, ask your local tackle store or pharmacy if they carry SmartShield, and if not, WHY not? This is a must have for those of use who enjoy the great outdoors." ~ Charles Fisher

"When I recently changed to using your SPF30 sunscreen, I no longer have any excess facial oil, and I feel great all day through the evening. And after two weeks of daily using your sunscreen, my complexion is also smoother. I'm thinking the moisturizers and waterproofing [seals but breathes?] combine to help keep the skin protected and moisturized all day. The gallon sized container is the best value, and that pump makes dispensing your sunscreen super easy. Like I said, I love your product!!!" ~ A Loyal Customer, Hawaii


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