Sunscreen Towelette (SPF30) w/ Insect Repellent
(Box of 50)

Sunscreen Towelette (SPF30) w/ Insect Repellent<br />(Box of 50)
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The SmartShield Towelette contains a very soft towel saturated with our SPF 30 sun protection liquid. This liquid is waterproof and sweat proof. It also contains all natural insect repellent ingredients - Cedar Essence and Lemongrass.

These are natural repellents and contain no DEET. The independent laboratory found that SmartShield Sunscreen with insect repellent was statistically as effective as the well known DEET product at repelling mosquitoes. The testing labs description was 'Statistically equal in preventing mosquitoes from probing.' That means that you can have sun and insect protection without the use of the chemical repellent DEET which concerns many people. The sunscreen components are long lasting and are very effective. The insect repellents are natural and do not last all day. They need to be touched up in 3-4 hours with a light reapplication.

There are no oils in our products. They go on easily and are not felt thereafter. They are perfect for workers or others whose grips and work environments make an oil free product more appealing and safe. They are also perfect for woodsmen and hunters since there are not foreign fragrances in the formula.

The Towelettes will comply with OSHA mandates for protection from UV for outdoor employees.

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