Wire Bracket (Red)

Wire Bracket (Red) <br/> 64oz
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This Wire Bracket holds our 64oz sunscreen pump.

Oil Free Sunscreen Formula
Our oil-free, "dry" formula means the sunscreen is absorbed instantly. It does not wear on top of skin; it actually bonds to the skin. Our sunscreen formula has no noticeable "sunscreen feel", even after multiple applications.

Aloe Vera Base
Because of Aloe Vera’s moisturizing characteristic, it acts as a soothing agent and carries the sunscreen onto the skin for hours of effectiveness. Aloe Vera has the same pH as human skin and has smaller molecules that are immediately absorbed rather than blocking or clogging the pores.

UVB and UVA Protection
UVA rays penetrate deeply, causing aging. UVB rays penetrate the surface layers of the skin and burn. SmartShield sun care products protect against the harmful effects of both UVA and UVB rays.

Water-Proof and Sweat Resistant
SmartShield's sunscreen formula is based on a single, non-water soluble emulsifier. Applied to cool skin, the formula emulsifies only once. Later, if water or sweat comes into contact with the area where the sunscreen is applied, the sunscreen will not come out of the skin.

SmartShield is hypoallergenic, safe for all skin types and dermatologist-approved.

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